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How Many People Get to Graduate High School On Their Birthday?

How many people get to graduate high school ON their birthday?  THIS GIRL does!  This girl is my daughter, Tianna Hemeyer.  So I get to take a moment and brag about my little girl.  Tianna is my third child (her older brother and sister, twins, Mason and Sierra graduated two years ago.)  Tianna is a [...]

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Favorites of 2014

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Happy Seventeen and Happy Seven!

My kids mean the world to me.  One of my favorite things about being a mom is getting to know each of my beautiful children and their individual personalities.  I feel like I have been the same mom to all four of them, and they all came from the same gene pool,  and yet they [...]

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Thank You 2013!

Here is Stacey Kay Photography’s year in photos.  Thanks for another amazing year everyone!!!

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The Hemeyer Family 2013

This is the greatest, most wonderful family I have ever worked with!  Okay, so I may be a little biased. . . because they are MY family!  With a mom as a photographer my kids got so overloaded with their photo being taken when they were young that we very rarely all get in front [...]

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Tianna turns Sweet Sixteen!

My middle daughter, Tianna, turned sweet Sixteen the end of May.  However, that same week our twins graduated from high school, we had company in town, and we moved into a new home.  Annual birthday portraits were just not in the schedule!  So, last month while we were on the beach in Newport, Tianna and [...]

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Mason & Sierra — Mountain View Seniors 2013

Okay, are you ready for the greatest senior portraits ever? Well, I may be a little biased. . . The following seniors are MINE!  Yep, I am THAT old, my two oldest, twins, Mason and Sierra are graduating next month.  I am totally in denial that they will be heading off into the real world [...]

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Brady – Mountain View Class of 2013

I may be a little partial to this guy because he is my nephew (and he was also born the same day as my twins, Mason and Sierra) but you have to admit, he is pretty darn cute!  My goal with every high school senior session is to truly let their personality shine through in [...]

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KAIZEN = Continuous Improvement

Kaizen was created in Japan following World War II.  The word Kaizen means “continuous improvement.”  One of my goals each year, both personally, and professionally is Continuous Improvement.  As a photographer I am constantly working to  grow and advance.  I figure, if I don’t look back on last years work and think, “Wow!  I have [...]

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Thank you for a wonderful 2012!

2012 was full of ups and downs;with a new home at the beginning of the year, and my husband being laid off from a great job near the end of the year.  But one part of the year that was consistently fun, entertaining, rewarding, and challenging was my job.  I am so very blessed to [...]

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