Mason & Sierra — Mountain View Seniors 2013

Okay, are you ready for the greatest senior portraits ever?

Well, I may be a little biased. . . The following seniors are MINE!  Yep, I am THAT old, my two oldest, twins, Mason and Sierra are graduating next month.  I am totally in denial that they will be heading off into the real world without me.  I love being their mom!  They are truly some of the greatest people I know.  I can’t believe that it has been over eighteen years since these two joined Erik and I and made us a family!  They have brought so much joy (and a little stress) to our lives!

In the tradition of ladies-before-gentleman, I will start with Sierra (even though Mason is three minutes older!)

Warning: Bragging will occur!  Sierra applied to six colleges and was accepted to all of them and also received four scholarships.  She has been trying to decide which option is best for her.  Right now she is leaning towards Arizona State University and their awesome Sun Devil marching band.

Anyone who knows Sierra knows two things: 1) she is wise beyond her years, and 2) she LOVES music.  Sierra has been playing the trumpet since 5th grade.  The trumpet sparked her interest in music and it has since burned into a raging inferno.  She has had incredible band directors that encouraged her each year to become better and work harder.  In high school she began Marching Band and a new passion was born.  I think if you look up marching band in the dictionary, there will actually be a picture of Sierra.

This year Sierra is the SLT (Student leader) over the largest section of the band.  She loves the position and has really thrived as a leader.

Sierra has never been a girly girl, and her favorite accessory is her Converse sneakers.

Mason and Sierra are very different in many ways.  However, they both love music.  Mason doesn’t play an instrument, but you can find him listening to his favorite tunes all the time, he won’t leave home without them.  He is also very protective of his things and takes incredible care of them.  Mason has worked really hard to bring up his grades this year and has really come into his own this senior year.  One of the things I will really miss about Mason is what a kind and loving kid he is.  Everyday on his lunch break he calls or texts me to see how I am doing.  And I can always count on him to do his chores, usually without even being asked. After graduation Mason is planing on working for the summer and then heading off on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am one proud momma!

Mason can be pretty quiet and so a lot of people don’t realize that he is actually quite funny and a lot of fun!

To my two favorite seniors ever: I love you both so much and couldn’t be prouder to be your mom!  Congratulations!

3 Responses to “Mason & Sierra — Mountain View Seniors 2013”

  1. Pop Pop & Grammy April 22, 2013 at 7:31 am #

    WOW! Two beautiful YOUNG ADULTS in those wonderful pictures!!!! Or should I say one beautiful and one handsome soon to be graduates. Love the variety and all the smiles. Great balance in all aspects of the pictures and the PEOPLE! WELL DONE by everyone! Makes grandparents very happy and too proud. Love from LV! PP & G

  2. Heidi Hemeyer April 22, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Gorgeous pics Stacey! Can’t believe they are all grown up! Time flies doesn’t it? Love these two great kids :)
    Congrats on being a fabulous mom & photographer!

  3. Sherry April 25, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    These really are the two cutest Senior pictures ever! They have always been so cute, but Stacey, you have really out done yourself. What a great variety of pictures of both kids. Love, G’ma Sherry &G’pa Dick

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