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Happy Birthday Leona & Miles

A year ago I was blessed to be able to photograph my good friends newborn twins.  (*You can see that shoot here.)  This year I had the opportunity to see how much they have grown and to photograph Leona and Miles for their first birthday.   Momma, Katie Moro, put together an adorable “Thing One and Thing Two” theme from the Dr. Seuss books.

“Today you are you,

That is truer than true.

There is no one alive

Who is Youer than You!”

 -Dr. Seuss

My youngest, 8-year-old Brielle, came with me on this photo shoot and she just LOVES the twins and so she insisted on at least one shot with them.  Because you know, every client wants a shot of the photographers daughter.  She is pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.  

Happy FIRST BIRTHDAY Leona & Miles!  We love you!

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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jones

I have known the beautiful and talented Ali Beecher for several years now so I was so excited when she called to tell me she was getting married.  And then she asked me to shoot her wedding–what an honor!  On Saturday, June 11, 2016 I had the amazing opportunity to see Ali marry her true love, Harrison Jones!  I am wishing you two all the happiness in the world!


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Introducing Andrew and Kara Robinson

I had a great time with this cute couple.  I had the privileged of shooting their engagement photos at the Gilbert Bird Riparian in February and it was so fun getting to know them and seeing how in love they are with each other. Kara Ludlow and Andrew Robinson were sealed in the Mesa Arizona LDS temple on Thursday, May 19th and their reception was at the beautiful Lavender and Old Lace Reception Center on the evening on May 20th.  Here is their beautiful wedding in pictures:

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Introducing Connor & Celeste Dunn

I had the privilege of photographing the amazing wedding of Celeste Bagley and Connor Dunn in the Phoenix temple on April 23rd.  It was a perfect day.  Here is Celeste’s account of their love story: “Connor and I met while away at school at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. We met at a church activity, where one of our leaders tried to get him to kiss me in front of everyone when we had never even met before! After that night we began spending time with each other more and more until we began dating about a month later.  Connor proposed to me in the same spot that we had met a year earlier. We are now happily married (for almost 2 weeks now!) and are currently enjoying a month in Europe!”  Congratulations Connor & Celeste!
A special thank you to all of the vendors that helped make Connor & Celeste’s day perfect:
Cake-CC’s Sweet Sensations
Flowers-Garden Gate Flowers
Catering-Vincent’s Fire Roasted Pizza
Decor- Sh’Ree Bagley (my momma did it all!)
Specialty Drink Bar-Sari and Jordan Villarreal
D.j.- Seth Darnell
Dress-Allure (bought from and was altered by Azteca bridal)
Hair-Jenni Darnell
Sweet’s Table-Michelle Tadeo


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Mountain View Senior: Katie Turley

Katie Turley is a beautiful, talented senior at Mountain View high school this year.  My goal with high school senior portraits is to truly capture the seniors personality at this pivotal moment in their lives.  And I think we nailed it with Katie’s photos.  We started out at her home with her beautiful horse, and ended up at Red Mountain Ranch with her and her violin.  It was a great session.  Congratulations on graduation Katie!

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Introducing Bryce & Sydney DeLizio

Bryce Delizio married Sydney Layton in the  Gilbert Arizona temple on Friday March 25th.  Followed by a beautiful ring ceremony and reception at Oakwood Country club on Saturday, March 26, 2016.  I asked Sydney about their relationship and here is here story: “We met country swing dancing at a fun little club in Mesa at the time. Bryce’s friend had brought him, and I had been going for quite awhile so I was pretty good. His friend introduced us and asked me to teach him some cool moves. And after that day he kept coming back. Took him awhile, but he finally asked me on a date via facebook. I still tease him about that haha.

I don’t remember there being a specific time where we “fell in love”, it wasn’t a sweep me off my feet romance. Slow and steady is probably how I would describe it. We went through some important life events together and just grew to love each other through it all.

After about 2 years of dating, Bryce proposed by recreating our first date. We went to the science museum (like a bunch of nerds ha), we had a blast there, then we went to dinner at a cute Mexican restaurant close by. Outside the restaurant is a beautiful patio with fountains and lots of shady trees. He proposed there and not two minutes after I said yes, a huge dust storm came rolling in. We ran to get under some cover with giant smiles on our faces and lots of sand in our teeth :P

A special thank you to all of the great vendors at Bryce and Sydney’s beautiful wedding;

Cake: Sugarlips cakery

Dress: Closet Full of Dresses

Venue: Oakwood Country Club

Photography: Stacey Kay Photography

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Introducing Brandon & Jessica Herd

I had the amazing opportunity to capture the beautiful wedding of Brandon Herd and Jessica Smith on March 12, 2016, at the Gilbert, Arizona temple.  It was a gorgeous March day with the flowers blooming and love in the air.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Herd!

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Introducing Spencer and Anna-Manuela Cluff

I had the honor of working with Spencer Cluff and Anna-Manuela (Mani) John  on their beautiful January 16, 2016 wedding.  The day of their formal wedding portraits it was raining cats and dogs.  We live in the valley of the sun and it is rare that we have a day without the sun peeking through the clouds at some point in the day.  But this day was different.  It was raining the ENTIRE day.  As we headed for the temple the rain was coming down in sheets so we said a little prayer that we would at least get a few shots without drowning.  When we arrived at the temple is was still drizzling, but by the time we started shooting the rain let up.  It was still cloudy and gray, but we didn’t feel a single rain drop. . . until our last photo for the day.  Then it rained the rest of the day, evening, and the next day.  Tender mercy!  In strong contrast, the day of their wedding, as they exited the temple into full sunshine the sky was the bluest I have ever seen it!  Congratulations Mani & Spencer!!!

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Introducing Brian and Amber Doyle

On the beautifully warm winter day of January 14, 2016, Brian Doyle married the lovely Amber Winscom at the Castle at Ashley Manor.  During their ceremony they combined two vials of oil and lit it to symbolize their two lives combining as one. Congratulations Amber & Brian, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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Introducing the DeGroff Family

Meet the DeGroff family.  This was my first time working with this cute family and they are a ton of fun.  We shot down by the Salt River and the beautiful Red Mountain at Granite Reef and they all wore coordinating flannels.  Thanks for a great shoot DeGroff gang!

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